Oct 13

International Electrical Contractors Gather at NECA 2012 Las Vegas

International companies held a special briefing during the recent NECA Convention in Las Vegas to learn more about cross-border happenings in the electrical industry and to network with colleagues from around the world.

Ivan-Malo, UNCE-Mexico, speaks to members of NECA’s International Chapters at NECA 2012 Las Vegas.

Russ Alessi, NECA’s Executive Director of International Development, welcomed participants, especially new NECA members RGTS Power Systems from Saudi Arabia and Olea Controls from Mexico.  Alessi noted that NECA now has 67 international members from 15 countries, with Canada at the forefront boasting 39 companies that have joined NECA.

In addition to individual international members, NECA now has 11 International Chapters. Bermuda, Canada, Honduras, and Korea each have one chapter.  Mexico has three NECA chapters, and Australia hosts four.

The group had the opportunity to learn more about the state of electrical construction through a series of industry reports:

Industry Report Australia_NECA 2012
Oliver Judd, Executive Director, NECA New South Wales Chapter, Australia

Industry Report Honduras_NECA 2012
Charles H. George, Governor, NECA ACEH Honduras

MEXICO National Electrical Contractors UNCE Report
Ivan Malo, President, UNCE Mexico

Report on the ELECTRI International Student Service Project, Belize PV Project Update_NECA2012
Thomas E. Glavinich, University of Kansas

Alessi encouraged participants to sign up for the next ELECTRI International Cross-Border Meeting in Quito, Ecuador, March 13-15, 2013.

Details on NECA international activities and on ELECTRI International programs and services for the international market are available at www.electri.org and at www.necanet.org.

Companies interested in joining NECA as an international member or in establishing an international NECA chapter may contact Russ Alessi at rja@necanet.org or at +1 301-215-4518.

View the ELECTRI International Meeting Presentation 2012 NECA Intl Meeting presentation_Russ Alessi >>

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